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My Services

I offer a full range of equine podiatry services.

from barefoot trimming to suit each individual according to its conformation, biomechanics and workload through to handmade sets individually crafted to suit every job, problem or requirement.  

I have experience with every size, shape, type and temperament and extensive knowledge of remedial methodology in approaching foot issues through all ages and stages of your horses life.

I am happy to offer discounted rates for multiple horses and yards. Please call me to discuss this.

Showjumping ~ Eventing ~ Dressage

Hunting ~ Polo ~ Racing ~ Endurance

Driving ~ Showing ~ Shire Shoeing (Work & Show)

Latest shoeing technolgy and materials are utilised where necessary and I have a great deal of experience shoemaking for individual equine requirements, creating and implimenting appropriate foot support where it is needed.

~ Surgical and Remedial Shoeing

~ Imprint Shoes for laminitic support & sport shoeing

~ Natural Balance shoeing & Digital Support Strategies

~ All types of Hoof crack repair

~ Remedial Foal Care  ~

   Inclusive of both foot and Angular limb deformities

~ Correct Hoof Balance to attain positive hoof capsule         response

~ Static and dynamic evaluation

~ Laminitic and Remedial trimming

~ Barefoot evaluation and strategic implementation

Shoes & Services

Full Set


Fronts + Back Trims

This is a brief item description.




Bespoke handmade Sets

This will depend on the requirement.



Dependent on No of Stud holes 

Remedial Shoes

This will depend on the requirement.



-for every 1 centimeter of extra toe length- this results in an extra 50 kilograms of force acting on the tendons

-1 degree drop in sole angle where the DDFT inserts into the coffin bone (affected by Palmar Angle) can lead to a 4% increase in the pressure exerted by the DDFT on the Navicular bone

(Credit Dr Renate Weller)

These simple facts highlight how important it is to keep your horses on tight shoeing schedule and receive correct trimming/shoeing to give them a long and successful career.