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My Blog...!

An ongoing series of events and anecdotes!

My Latest Blog Entry

1st February 2019

This is my very first blog and I hope to keep this page current and use it as a tool to not only introduce myself but also to enlighten anybody who has an interest to the life and times of a Cotswold farrier!

I grew up on a mixed livestock farm in the heart of the Cotswolds. As an aspect of our diversification projects over the years my family bred warmblood horses. We have always kept a number of stallions, some wonderful broodmares and have had the joy each year of welcoming numerous foals. Horses led me to my career in farriery and it is a job that I am both passionate about and allows me to work with some incredible characters both human and equine!

I am determined to make a farrier that my clients trust and respect.

I qualified following many years of studying and learning the many aspects of my craft. Since that time I have thrown my heart and soul into becoming the best I can be and constantly endeavouring to challenge myself to be the best I can be.

I set up my own buisness from scratch when following my graduation into the Worshipful Fellowship of Farriers I lft the Isle of Wight where I had served my apprenticeship and came home to the farm.  Hard work and dedication to my clients saw my business evolve rapidly into a thriving business and I was soon considering taking on a partner.

Two years after starting my business I was offered an opportunity to travel to Australia where I had over the next two and a half years the chance to work with and learn from some of the most talented and inspirational farriers in Australia. I sold my van and gave my thriving business to my best mate in the quest to become a better farrier.

I made the most of my time in Australia and worked with horses in every discipline imaginable including rodeo!  The work was varied and I learned every day working at racing stables, showjumping yards, dressage yards and every other kind of yard you might imagine from super smart top of the market to working horses way out in the bush. The work was hard, the heat was merciless but the beer was cold and the camaraderie was incredible.

Now I am back! I am determined to put into practice everything I have learned and reestablish myself on my home turf. I am already meeting up with old friends, contacts and loving being back. I am delighted to take on new clients, meet you, horses and discuss and way in which I am able to help either of you to achieve an effective foot health regime and harmony under and in the saddle!

I will be developing a customer loyalty scheme for multiple horses or on yards which should help the budget and am also working on a monthly client of the month competition for you and your horse which will be promoted on my facebook page; Ollie Mackee Farriery.

Look forward to meeting you all and hope to make my next blog about more of my amazing clients.