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Oliver Mackee DipWCF

I am what can only be described as a vocational farrier! I grew up on a working livestock farm in the Cotswolds. As part of the farm diversification my family bred warmbloods for the eventing market and from as long as I can remember my fascination with horses, forging and biomechanics has left me in no doubt as to my career path.

Having spent my life to date in the company of horses, I am fortunate to have an extensive knowledge of equine behaviour and their need for kind, calm reassurance, responsiveness to kindness and firm but  gentle leadership.  I have a great deal of first hand experience of stallion management, youngstock handling and all associated challenges!  

My family breeds up to sixteen foals a year and this has not only given me enormous experience in the variations of equine health management through all ages and stages. It has instilled a deep love and understanding for these incredible animals, their intrinisc qualities and needs as individuals in addition to being 'simply horses'!

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I studied and qualified as a Blacksmith before commencing my four year apprenticeship and gaining my farrier quaifications, this has instilled a as much of a passion for shoe making as shoeing.  This coupled with my deep fascination for equine biomechanics gives me the opportunity to encorporate bespoke shoes for individul horses  as a necessary tool in fitting the most beneficial shoes to each horse as an individual. 

There are many types of shoes and  numerous factors in developing the ideal support and or correction for all types of feet on occassion. Environmental factors, work type and conformation can dictate to an extent but there can be very many reasons why particular horses require specific support that can not always be provided by 'off the shelf shoes'. This is one of my areas of speciality as and wherever this is needed. 

That is not to say that many horses have and benefit from fatory made shoes, they do! It is as individual as withour own feet and the jobs we do!



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I am also equally as passionate about providing the best scenario for each horse and fully appreciate that some horses lifestyles mean that they benefit from no shoes!

I feel that it is critical that as a farrier that I carefully discuss each horse with it's owner and make eduated assessments and strategies to ensure optimum hoof health, soundness and comfort for the individual. Barefoot trimming can be enormously beneficial but only by a qualified farrier who would find it impossible to have the knowledge of either the biomechanics, skeleton and structure of the leg in relation to the hoof.

An afternoon, week long or even slightly longer residential or correspondence 'barefoot' course! simply does not cver the necessary need for the multitude of factors, experience or requisite knowledge that a qualified farrier takes five years to develop in understanding the horses foot and the crucial role it plays in supporting the entire body, legs and way of using them.  Please do the right thing by your horse!

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Having qualified in 2013 I returned to the Cotswolds having completed my apprenticeship on the Isle of Wight and studied  at Moreton Morrell in Warwickshire.  I built up my own business from scratch, earning a reputation to be proud of and an amazing, loyal client base very rapidly.  I benefitted from the help and mentorships of some of the best farriers nationwide and became regular on the British competiton circuit.

In 2016 I was offered an opportunity to work in Australia with some exceptionally talented farriers and was unable to resist the chance to learn more and develop my skill set. I gained experience on racing yards, with eventers, show jumpers, dressage horses and even way out west on some very remote cattle stations where I conducted advisory clinics on basic foot care and trimming where they do not benefit from local qualified farriers!

 I was fortunate to travel and compete in Australia too winning the coveted Gun of the North Farrier Championship in 2018 and being invited to return as a judge last year.

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I have now returned home with more experience, more passion and a far deeper pool of knowledge which I very much hope will benefit my clients, their horses and make me a better farrier.

If I am able to offer my services in any way, I would be honoured to serve you. New clients are always welcome and my loyal customers are appreciated as always